About Jeff

Southern California native Jeff Jibran was born April 10, 1973 in San Diego California, interested in tattooing at a very young age started getting his first tattoos at 13 years old and hand poking tattoos on his friends and schoolmates, eventually graduating to the homemade tattoo rotary type jail house machines through his teenage years and eventually professional equipment by the age of 18. Traveling back and forth from San Diego California to Jacksonville Florida, he eventually landed a job at the world-famous Inksmith and Rogers where he has worked for over a decade with many amazing world class artists. Jeff has also traveled the world extensively working in world class studios such as “Scratch Addiction Tattoo” in Tokyo, Japan & “Royal Tattoo” in Denmark as well as several other spots through Germany and the world famous Amsterdam tattoo museum. Jeff is versatile in all types of tattooing but specialties are in Japanese, Eastern religions, and traditional Americana tattooing. ¬†Jeff would like to thank all of his friends and clients from all over the world for making his dream a reality.